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7 Best SEO Plugins And Tools For WordPress That You Must Use

According to the infographics posted on “STATISTICA.COM” on 6th August 2021, there are almost 1.88 billion websites on the internet today, and the number is still increasing. This means that the competition to rank higher against any keyword is also elevating. WordPress is the most popular SEO-friendly website builder. WordPress itself offers SEO plugins and SEO-friendly themes for better optimization of your website. According to research websites, the first page of search engine results attracts 95% traffic while the following pages only get 5% traffic. Mastering search engine optimization is a tough row to hoe for beginners. Yet you also need to fight against the competition to rank higher on search engines to engage traffic.

Most of your competitors indeed use the best and famous SEO plugins and tools to rank higher on the internet. If you are a beginner or a struggler in the ranking race, the easiest way to level up your game is to use the services of some reliable SEO consultancy agency. Or If you are already wrapped up in your day-to-day tasks and want to save time on your website analysis, it is better to avoid getting into a hit and trial loop to find the best strategy to rank your WordPress website higher in search ranking. Multiple such agencies in the market can do your job, but it’s a daunting task to find the one worth spending your money on. It won’t take much time to search for the best and customer-friendly agencies for SEO Consultancy in UK. These agencies provide tailored SEO solutions for your website online.  Multiple renowned agencies pop up on Google; when you search “Agencies for SEO Consultancy In the UK,” you have to pick the right one for you.  

List of 7 Most Amazing SEO Plugins And Tools For Your WordPress Website

We have listed the “7 Best SEO Plugins And Tools For WordPress,” in which you should invest some time to work out which of these hide the best opportunities for your business to measure up to your competitors. 

  1. AHREFS 

Ahrefs is a top-list SEO tool. It has one of the largest backlink databases and provides the best competitor website analysis in terms of backlinks. It offers another major option; you can add your website and your competitor’s website to see the difference.  Ahrefs is a major website crawler second to Google. It points out the parts of your website that need improvement and the most linked-to content that lies within your website niche. You can use this website for almost all the facets of SEO and can also help rank your website against some major keywords and monitor significant keywords ranking. It is also one of the most helpful content analysis tools, which helps build website backlinks and partnerships. 

  1. All in One SEO  (AIOSEO) 

AIO SEO is the world’s best SEO toolkit for WordPress used by over 2 million people. It has the most straightforward setup that guides you in choosing the best settings for your WordPress website that even any IT- illiterate can use.  AIO SEO provides an automatic SEO titles update option. It has a meta tag generator where you can add SEO title, description, and corresponding dynamic values. It also provides an on-page SEO analysis and checklist to make improvements in your search ranking.

  1.  Yoast SEO

Yoast is the perfect SEO plugin tool for WordPress website optimization that lets you set up your post easily. It generates the XML sitemap of your website and makes it easier for search engines to crawl and looks for specific data on your website. You can easily add post title, description, metadata, Images. It is easier to use along with other plugins as it allows you to import Your website Seo-related data without much jargon. It has beginner-friendly built-in features that help you rank your website by typing your target keyword and optimizing your blog, website content for search. It also allows you to select what kind of content present on your website remains unindexed for search visibility.

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is a free Keyword finder offered to advertisers to find their content-related keywords to bid on during advertising campaigns. This is a gold mine of keywords that helps you generate niche-related ideas by providing suggestions and focusing on what is being searched on google related to your input keyword. This keyword planner is a handy tool that lists similar keywords, their search volume, and difficulty level. It also helps advertisers choose the right keywords by showing them an estimate of search volume, number of results, difficulty level, and higher advertiser interest to outrank other competitor websites/blogs 

  1. SEMRush: Marketing SEO Tools

SEMRush is one of the most popular marketing tools in the SEO experts community due to its multiple features. It offers on-page SEO analysis, domain vs. Domain comparison, SEO analysis, search ranking monitoring, and organic traffic insight. It also puts a list of recommendations and website audit forwards for a better search ranking of your website. SEMRush is a valuable SEO tool that provides both local and global search results. It is easy to use for beginners and non-techy users.

  1. KWFinder: SEO Keyword Tool

KWFinder is another Highly used SEO tool explicitly designed for long-tail keywords. It provides exact SEO metrics, SERP analysis, and easy-to-rank long-tail keywords. KWFinder is an intuitive, highly effective SEO tool that analyzes long-term trend ideas, seasonal keywords, and backlink searches.  This SEO tool provides both local and global search results. It is easy to use for beginners and non-techy sway users.

  1. Answer The Public: Free SEO Tools

If you are short of new content ideas for your website, then congratulations; we are here to tell you the good news. Answer The Public is a free SEO tool that helps you find an entire spectrum of ideas related to your niche. This free SEO tool is highly efficient in providing keyword ideas that are easy to rank and engage higher search volume.

Closing Ideas:

Some of the most valuable SEO Plugin tool options provide all-in-one SEO features for bloggers, advertisers, and businesses. These are standard SEO tools that generate the insight of your website that could take ages without them. Some of these provide checklists so that you can easily see what kind of changes are required in your website after its complete SEO analysis. All the above-listed tools offer a lot of similar tools and features. Most renowned agencies for SEO Consultancy in the UK also these plugins and tools for SEO audit of websites for keyword research, competition analysis, backlink research, monitor keyword rankings, and more.

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