5 Must-Know Tricks for Easy WordPress Implementation

WordPress is becoming increasingly more popular every day. If you are new to this type of website implementation, it’s essential to understand how to use your time efficiently and get straight into building your site. We’ll go over what settings you should focus on to make your implementation easier.  Once you have these in place, you can easily save hours with what seems like an easy task when not taking advantage of these options.

1) Use a Good Hosting Provider

There are a few essential things when deciding which hosting provider you will choose for your site. One thing I always look at is the server response time. Just a few seconds can make a huge difference in a good user experience, and with WordPress sites, in particular, many things can push up that load time from widgets to plugins. I prefer my hosting provider to provide fast speeds for my visitors and at the same time not take up too much of my available memory, which is why I always recommend InMotion Hosting.  InMotion has excellent customer support and an exceptionally high-quality product.

2) Use A Reliable Theme

There are thousands of themes available on the market right now, but very few have been designed in a way to be able to provide you with every option under the sun without affecting your site’s performance. With the ‘less is more approach, I recommend using themes created with no quality loss. Themes like GeneratePress are excellent examples of this. Not only do they provide you with great speed, but they also have an endless amount of options to choose from so you can implement your unique design. Moreover, you can consult bay area web design firms for more amazing web designs.

3) Optimize Your Database

Depending on how you look at it, optimizing could be considered a massive pain in the rear end because for most people out there who aren’t too technically minded, it can be pretty overwhelming. However, if you take advantage of WP-Optimize, this task becomes extremely easy. All that is required to optimize your database is to select which tables etc., you want to optimize and then press the button, and it’s that simple. WP-Optimize can remove unnecessary data in bulk, which is extremely useful when comparing it with doing each task manually.

4) Keep Extensions To A Minimum

Let’s face it, one of the main reasons WordPress is becoming so popular in the first place is because there are thousands of people out there who develop plugins for free to help out other users.  However, sometimes, these developers don’t always know how their plugin could affect your site’s speed, etc., which is why they regularly push updates to help improve user experience. But this also comes at a price, and if you have too many extensions installed on your site, this could result in extra strain on your server. Except for security-related plugins, it’s safe to remove any extensions you aren’t currently using or haven’t made use of recently.

5) Use Caching Plugins

Caching plugins can be beneficial when optimizing your WordPress site—caching stores access information. The site will only need to access this cached information during peak traffic times rather than re-loading all that heavy data again. The most popular caching plugin is W3 Total Cache, which provides excellent results for speed testing using Pingdom tools. When choosing a cache plugin, I suggest finding one that lets you personalize how often and what type of content should be cached. It will provide you with a maximum benefit of speed boosts without any adverse effects on your site.

Wrapping Up!

Managing a WordPress site can be very difficult and time-consuming if you don’t know how to use the tools available to make your life easier. Using this guide should help you speed up performance and leave you with more time for other tasks. Just remember: choose a dependable hosting provider, reliable themes, properly optimize your database, keep extensions to only essential items, and use caching plugins. These five must-have tricks will provide excellent results in no time at all!

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